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The S.Y.P. Foundation is a non-profit organization based out of Baltimore, Maryland. This foundation was established by a group of friends who wanted to have an impact on the surrounding community. Our strength is in our ability to combine our efforts to engage the community through the actions of our initiatives. 

Our motto S.Y.P. is an acronym for “Stack Your Paper.” The intent of our motto is to emphasize money as a tool for financial literacy and investing while using it as a bridge to financial freedom, rather than seeing it only for its monetary value.

Mission Statement

Encouraging financial empowerment through

literacy, scholarship, and public service.

About Us

The S.Y.P. Foundation was founded by young professionals who are aspiring Pharmacists, Dentists, Engineers, Physical Therapists, and more. Although we have not reached our full potential in our careers, we hope to share our stories for inspiration and instill financial awareness within the youth of Baltimore.

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